Does Valorant IP Ban? [How To Bypass IP Ban In Valorant?]

The one question that every player has in mind is does valorant IP ban? If you are also looking for the same answer then here you will not only get your answer but will also learn how to bypass IP ban in Valorant.

Valorant is a tactical first person shooting game that has taken the gaming industry by storm since its release. With So many active players there is a huge responsibility on the game company to keep the game fair and equal for everyone.

One topic that often sparks debate is does Valorant ban IP of the players it finds cheating or smurfing. The focus of this article is to learn why Valorant ban’s your IP and how to bypass Valorant IP ban.

What Is Valorant IP Ban?

A Valorant IP ban is a type of ban that prevents a certain player from connecting to the game’s server. It is imposed after a player is caught violating the rules of the game repeatedly.

Vanguard, the Valorant anti-cheat system, scans for unauthorised software, keeps track of player behaviour, and analyses game data to catch cheaters. Vanguard will block the player’s IP address if it finds evidence of cheating.

Does Valorant Ban IP Address?

Yes, Valorant does ban an IP address of the player but it is not the primary way how Valorant bans a players. Primarily Valorant focuses on hardware ban meaning it bans your CPU, motherboard, and graphics card that are used to cheat on Valorant.

Riot games the company that created Valorant bans IP address only on some cases like if the player found cheating multiple times or to prevent players from creating new account. A player is reported the staff of Valorant monitors their gameplay and if they find anything suspicious then they will ban that user IP or account.

How Long Does Valorant Ban Lasts?

The duration of Valorant IP ban depends on the severity of the offense Here are the possible penalties and their duration:-

  • Ranked restriction timer: You cannot queue for ranked matches until the timer displayed expires. This can last for minimum 7 days or maximum 14 days.
  • Valorant game ban: You won’t be able to play Valorant until the date and time shown. This can last for 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 90 days, or permanently.

How Do I Appeal A Valorant Ban?

To appeal for a Valorant ban you can submit a request to Pariot games. Here is how you can do it. 

  • Go to the Riot Games support website.
  • Click on the “Contact Us” button.
  • Select the “Account & Services” category.
  • Select the “Ban Appeal” subcategory.
  • Fill out the form with your account information and a brief explanation of why you believe you were banned unfairly.
  • Attach any evidence that you believe supports your case.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.

Make sure while submitting ban appeal you remain polite and explain your issues properly with proof. Submit all the proof and screenshots tha you think can help you bypass IP ban in valorant.

What Can Be The Reasons For A Valorant IP Ban?

There are several reasons why a Valorant IP ban may occur. The primary reason is when a user participates in hate speech or makes real-life threats through the game’s chat system. Another reason is if a user exploits hacks or in-game bugs to gain an unfair advantage over others, which can result in an IP ban on Valorant.

Additionally, modifying the game’s code or utilizing third-party applications to gain an advantage can lead to Valorant banning your IP. Opening multiple game accounts across different devices or attempting to create multiple accounts is another action that can result in Valorant banning your IP.

How Do I Bypass IP Ban In Valorant?

Does Valorant IP Ban?

It is very simple to get unbanned from Valorant. You can do that by using a VPN for Valorant. Just go over the following steps and bypass Valorant IP ban using VPN:-

  • Sign up for ExpressVPN plan 
  • Download and install the software or ExpressVPN Chrome extension on your computer.
  • Launch the ExpressVPN software
  • Connect to a ExpressVPN server location in a different location.Launch Valorant and try to connect to a game.

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What Are The Valorant Terms Of Service?

Valorant has some rules and regulations that you must follow. If you go against these rules your Valorant IP ban is inevitable. Always follow these terms and service so that you don’t have to search how to bypass IP ban in Valorant.

  • You age have to be 13 years to create a Valorant account.
  • You must agree to the TOS before you can play Valorant.
  • You agree to not use cheats, hacks, or other unauthorized third-party software in Valorant.
  • You agree to not harass, bully, or threaten other players in Valorant.
  • You agree to not spam or flood chat channels in Valorant.
  • You agree to not create multiple accounts for the purpose of cheating or abusing the game.
  • Riot Games has the right to terminate your account for violating the TOS.

What Are The Valorant Anti-Cheat Rules?

Here are the Valorant anti-cheat rules that you must follow if you don’t want valorant IP ban:

  • No cheating:- This includes using any third-party software or hardware that gives you an unfair advantage in the game.
  • No exploiting bugs or glitches:- If you find a bug or glitch in the game, report it to Riot Games so that they can fix it. Do not use it to your advantage.
  • No griefing or harassing other players:- This includes using abusive language, trolling, or intentionally feeding.
  • No boosting or selling accounts:- Boosting is when you help someone else improve their rank by playing on their account for them. Selling accounts is when you sell your account to someone else.

How Do I Report A Cheater In Valorant?

There are two ways to report a cheater in Valorant. You can report using this two methods and Valorant team will review your complain and will ban IP of that player.

  • In-game report:- While playing game if you find someone suspicious and want to report them then click Esc to open the menu and click on the report button on the scoreboard. A report menu will appear, there you can select the reason why you want to report.
  • After game report:- You can even report a cheater after the fame is finished. To do this open the “career” tab and select the match where you encountered cheater. Then select report button next to the cheaters name.

What Are The Valorant Ban Types?

There are two type of Valorant ban: temporary ban and permanent ban. Temporary ban lasts for few weeks or months but permanent ban is permanent and you can not unban that with any method. If your offence is minor then you can get temporary ban but if your offence are savior then you are sure to get permanently ban from Valorant.

What Are The Valorant Cheat Detection Methods?

There are various Cheat detection method Valorant uses to make sure that the gameplay remains fair for all the players. Such as Vanguard that goes deep in the computer to make sure that the player is not using any hacks. Server detection and player reports are also some methods that can be used to detect cheat.

Final Verdict For Does Valorant IP Ban

In conclusion Valorant has very strict rules and regulations that one must follow to make gaming fair for everyone. But some players try to violate these rules to gain extra advantage over other players and Valorant doesn,t tolerate these type of behaviour. With

If you found doing so either Valorant IP ban you or will ban your device completely. Although you can bypass IP ban in Valorant by using ExpressVPN but if your account gets completely ban then there is no chance of getting it back.

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